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Creating beyond
the obvious

Focus on DETAILS

Marketing DONE



You are

looking for ways to flourish your business.

How can you grow?


Tap into a potent market. Tap into Denmark.

A few facts about Denmark:

  • easiest place to do business in Europe (and 5th in the World)
  • wealthy consumers
  • stable market, thanks to strong social net
  • flexible employment rules
  • low bureaucracy
  • extremely low level of corruption


The Danes are not only faster than any other consumers in Europe, but also faster than consumers in the US and China to adopt new products. […] Denmark is therefore a perfect test market.

Dr. Gerard J. Tellis, Global Market Entry Specialist


About us

Danish creative marketing agency
20 years of experience
branding, visual design (web and non-web), photography
and more.

Path Finding

– Perspective –

Are you trying to fill the wrong gap? Expanding to a new country is likely to come with changes in your target group. What is your USP in your country of operation? Would it be the optimal USP in Denmark too? See behind the obvious. Get local insight.

Small Thinking

– Detail –

How would you save on printing? By buying more efficient printers? Setting strict printing rules? Restricting employees’ quota? All of these make sense, but we would start by changing the default font and start saving 40-60% after the first minute. Small details can make a huge impact. Creative Small Thinking is one of our core values.

Visual Storytelling

– Simple –

You have a long message to tell. How will you do it? Will it get through modern distractions? Make it visual and compelling, and you will have your audience’s attention. Some complex ideas are hard to visualise. We believe none is impossible.


Team Artphobia

André C. Lyngedal

André is a visual communication expert, with simplicity and logic as key ingredients. Music, photography and volunteering for the local community plays a vital part in his life. Seeking innovation, combining things in new ways, and looking for new solutions are his most distinct characteristics. LinkedIn

André C. Lyngedal the creative

– branding and visual communication –



the analytic

– strategy and Danish trends –

Sándor Csikó

Sándor has studied language, communication and marketing in Hungary, Spain, and Denmark and lived in England. While he sees the Danish market with eyes a native could not, he is best at creating compelling communicational strategies. In his free time he leads a non-profit creative writing group. LinkedIn

Sándor Csikó
the communicator

– writing with an impact –

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Phone: (+45) 22 55 29 92
Address: Zeisesvej 5, DK-6100, Haderslev

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